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Posted on 08/02/2020
Buying that Perfect Home in Florida
Photo by Yan Cabrera via Pixabay There are a lot of places that come to mind when Florida is mentioned. Most people automatically think about Orlando or Palm Beach. But the truth is every place in Florida is special and has a lot to offer people when they arrive. It all comes down to what exactly you are...
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Posted on 03/15/2020
Is Florida Rental Property a Good Investment ?
Photo by monikarosephoto via Pixabay Considering the bright weather and undeniable beauty of Florida, it may seem like a home run idea to invest in vacation real estate. But there's a little more to this equation than meets the eye. When it comes to available inventory in Florida, the numbers aren't quite what everyone expected. We'll look at...
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Posted on 01/12/2020
How to Improve a Florida Luxury Home's Curb Appeal
Believe it or not, curb appeal can make or break the Florida luxury home selling journey. Regardless of whether you are selling a luxury residence in Miami, Tampa Bay or elsewhere in the Sunshine State, your residence's curb appeal is a difference-maker. And if your Florida luxury house fails to impress prospective buyers as soon as they see it,...
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